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5 Accessories Every Room Should Have

Interior Decoration Tips
5 Accessories Every Room Should Have

  • It is very important to include these accessories into your room as it helps alot to elevate your design and make your furniture pieces looks even more beautiful and elegant.
  • These 5 accessories include :-
1. Plants                   2. Pillows
3. Artwork                4. Personal Items
5. Tray

1.Plants : 
  • It is recommended to use plants at least in 2 areas of your room. Plants in general plays an important role in adding some natural vibes into your space and also color and texture which make your room feels more beautiful. Natural plants purify the air of your room.
  • Plants especially tall ones fits alot to be in the corners of your room as it looks better. That could be one pot of plant or two for a more symmetrical look placed around a console table or a fireplace. There are many examples of plants to include in your room and for more to know check this post ( 7 Interior Plants For a Better Home Decor )

2.Artwork : 
  • Artwork pieces can make your room more cohesive as it ties your room's colors together which lead to have a unity into your design.
  • Artwork pieces can be black and white or abstract paintings. Also could vary in sizes and you can use large pieces of artwork or a collage. It is perfectly to hang artwork over a sofa , console table , buffet , bed....

3.Tray With Decorative Items : 
  • That tray could exist in your living room through the coffee table. For bedroom you can put it on your nightstand or dresser and on the buffet for your dining room.
  • It is recommended to use just 3 items or 3 groupings of various types of accessories on the tray. That gives a more elegant look.
  • These 3 various items or groupings could be :
- a stack of books with a small decorative item on it , candle and a small plant.
- Sculpture item , flowers and decorative box.
- Vase , books with small plant on top and some candles.

4.Pillows : 
  • It is always best to include decorative and patternful pillows on sofa and beds. Pillows is the best element to throw in some color or pattern for your room.
  • Always have multiple pieces of pillows on your sofa or your bed more that you actually use as they add more texture and color to your room.

5.Personal Or Sentimental Items : 
  • Your room will be better for you if it includes some sentimental items that you truely love and admire.
  • These items could be : 

- Framed photo or a collection of photos.
- Souvenir you bought when you had a vacation or any good memory.
- Major life events you want to remember always like your wedding using a happy memory item such as dried flowers , candles or a nice photo.
  • The main goal in using the accessories on the entire design in general is to include the personality of the people who live in the space.

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