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Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Interior Decoration Tips
Scandinavian Interior Design Style

  • Scandinavian interior style originated in the 1950s and become much more popular among people in the 1990s. Scandinavian countries that embrace this style include Sweden , Finland , Norway , Denmark , Iceland and Faro Islands. It is called also scandi style.
  • It is ideal style for people who aspire tidy interiors , minimal ornamentations and understated elegance.

Characteristics Of Scandinavian Style:

  • Clean functional aesthetic items.
  • Bright spaces with light touch.
  • It represent the design styles of the scandinavian countries.
  • It differentiates from other style with minimalism , simplicity and functionality. It is calm , pure , clean and functional.

Furniture style:

  • It is very much like the mid-century modern style with very clean lines , smoothy edges and elegant look.
  • Most furniture pieces is made of wood [Beach , Pine , Ash]. 
  • Very common sign of the style is the multi-level storage.
  • It is very often to see poufs in the scandinavian rooms and it is made of cotton twisted rope adding warmth to the interior space.
  • There is different types of materials used in this style like wool , leather , sheepskin rugs , cotton , linen.
  • This style has unique iconic pieces that make this style even more special. These pieces include : Egg chair , Eames dsw chair , Leather back sling chair , Tulip Chair , Womb chair , Wish bone chair.


  • The white color rules in the scandi color scheme to make the space look as bright as possible. It can be used in furnishings and on the walls. Literally it is almost totally white.
  • Black color is one of the more common colors to see also. Other neutral colors such as greys and browns exist in the scandi style.
  • Yellow , blue , red are commonly used in items like rugs , pillows , artwork , pottery , accent chairs , kitchen backsplashes.

 Patterns :

  • Pattern can be used in this style but they aren't a big match with this light bright style. Often Patterns exist in rugs and it is best to use understandable patterns or muted color.


  • Wood is everywhere mostly except the bathrooms which are using tiles.
  • The wood floors are generally light in color either left in its original natural finish or to be painted white. Many scandi spaces are seen with wood floors done in a herringbone pattern.


  • Windows are left bare of window coverings to let as much natural lighting as possible . It is also very proportioned for curtains use transparent or light silk , chiffon or finest linen.
  • This style fits alot in spaces with tall ceiling and large windows that allow lighting to come in to assure the white aesthetic.


  • Natural textile are important to create that feeling of warmth and coziness adding another layer of texture to the interior space.
  • Coffee tables and chairs are often of wood combine the use of metallic finishes.
  • Warm Wood are commonly used on wall , ceiling , cabinetry and furniture.


  • Lighting is very vital and crucial in the scandi style and not only the natural light but also the artificial lighting as well.
  • Great lighting is a key element of this style.
  • Various types of light fixtures used in this style including : elegant branching chandliers , fabulous architectural light fixtures , large round paper lanterns , simple chrome wall sconces , tripod floor lamps , oversized copper or brass pendant lights , candle lights and track lighting.


  • Rugs are commonly seen with various natural fibers such as cotton , wool and sheepskins.


  • Choose brightly colored artwork , abstract paintings or a gallery wall with a bright color scheme including either reds , yellows or blues.
  • These bright artwork pieces make a great looking contrast with surroundings neutral color items.


  • Mirrors play an important role in the scandi style and help to expand the interior space and reflect the lighting in the space.


  • Very important feature of the scandi style is the use of flowers and plants.
  • Plants add a living element of color and beauty in your scandinavian interior space.

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