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Mid-century Modern Interior Design Style

Interior Decoration Tips
              Mid-century Modern Interior Design Style

  • Mid-century modern style got popular in the 1990s to 1960s. It had a huge outbrust in the last 10-20 years again. It has now an updated look and its furniture pieces were seen again to showup in a big way among many popular retailers with much more affordable pieces. 
  • Now you see almost every interior magazine has a classic furniture pieces of this style on its page and that shows how popular that style has become

    Characteristics Of Mid-century Modern Style:

  • Clean, classic lines.
  • Minimal decoration.
  • Alot of iconic pieces included in that style .
  • Encourage to have a seamless transition between the inside and outside.
  • It is easily to mix this style with other styles like contemporary style which help to add to its wide popularity.

Furniture Style:

  • This style is one of the easiest too decorate in and that thanks to its sensational iconic pieces of furniture.
  • The mid-century modern furniture has an open airy feel with clean simple lines that is either straight or smoothy curved and the furniture pieces in general are raised off the floor with taller legs.
  • The seating is commonly tufted in this style and there is a clear lack of ornamentation on these furniture items.
  • Here is the most popular and well-known iconic pieces of this style : Noguchi Table , Jacobson Egg Chair , Saarinen Womb Chair , Tulip Chair , Eames Lounge Chair , Barcelona Chair , Nelson Platform Bench , Bertoia Side Chair , Marshmallow Sofa , Panton Chair which was the world first plastic chair to be manufactured out of one single piece.


  • Natural materials are used prominently in the mid-century modern furniture. Teak and walnut are so popular to use in this style.
  • Not only wood is used in this style but also you can see furniture pieces made from polished metal , stainless steel , brass , glass or molded plastic like in the panton chair.
  • You will also see softer materials like leather , linen , burlap and wool.


  • Use Colors like yellow , orange , mustard or green. You might be thinking that those colors mentioned maynot wok well but these colors can definitely look spectacular and fresh if used someway sparingly and in a careful manner.
  • Those colors could be paired with neutral colors like white , cream , brown , beige or gray. Most colors can really work in a mid-mod room.
  • Bright blue , deep reds , deep purple or even fuchsia can look stunning but keep the colors rich and saturated.
  • Generally the feeling of the mid-mod color scheme is warm although colors such as turquoise , grey are used as well.


  • You can use some bold patterned wallpaper somewhere in your rooms. It could be used in bathroom or bedroom.
  • You will see lots of bold geometric patterns like squares , circles , triangles and other geometric shapes [ geometric , whimsical , abstract ]
  • It is better to incorporate these patterns into your pillows , rugs , drapes and wallpaper as well. But patterns are almost never seen in the actual furniture pieces.


  • Windows are commonly recognized in this style way too high even floor to ceiling because it highly urge this seamless transition between the outside and the inside which is a major design influence for this style.
  • No window coverings recommended in this style so windows often left bare or less frequently you can see drapes used as a decoration element. If you need privacy or heat protection it is best to use roller shades instead of curtain and it will look clear.

  • It is commonly to use a medium to dark toned wood floors and also left bare. Of course you can use rugs if you want in this style and it is best to use wool rugs , shag rugs or jute rugs.

  • There are some marvellous iconic pieces and very popular todays with very affordable prices.
  • Here is some of them : Bubble Chandier , Sputnik Chandlier , Artichoke Lamp , Ballon Pendant , Arco Floor Lamp , Tripod lamp.
  • All of these iconic pieces have such a strong lines and as a result it is recommended to use only one piece per room to play the main role in the show.
  • Of course you can pair it with other normal and simple light fixtures that can't compete with these iconic pieces for a better design look in general.

  • The artwork tend to be quite large pieces in this style and it could be abstract pieces or vintage inspired prints. You can find those artwork pieces on ETSY.

  • The sunbrust mirror is an iconic piece of accessories uesd in this style.
  • There are various items also to put like George Nelson clock , brass candlestick holders or a hand-curved wood items.
  • Don't put too much accessories in this style to avoid clutter.
  • Plant is very important element like any other interior style.
  • Bar cart is a must in this style as it is a great vehicle for all types of accessories like flowers and plants , books , water bottles , fruit.
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