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7 Rules For Perfect ِAccessorizing

Interior Decoration Tips
        7 Rules For Perfect ِAccessorizing 

What Are Accessories ?! 
  • Simply accessories are the items in your room that are easy to remove or change at anytime and not a high ticket item you invest in like a sofa or a bed .
  • Accessories also don't serve a crucial functional goal in the room like seating items or to hold item such as sofas , chairs , any kind of seating , coffee table , side tables or console tables.
  • In other words accessories are aesthetical items that make your space look more beautiful and cohesive.
  • Here are the items that considered to be accessories :-
- artwork                               - wall decor
- sculpture                            - candles
- vases                                  - plants       
- books                                 - lanterns      
- trays                                   - nature items  
- pillows                                - clock  
- blankets                              - collections             
Why Accessories Are Important ?! 
  • Accessories play important role in defining your room style and make it cristal clear what style you use in your space. Many furniture pieces can be used in various different styles but for accessories it isn't the case as it is quite clear from style to another.
  • Accessories add texture and another dimension in your room creating a visual interest to almost any surface. So imagine a home or a room without any type of accessories wouldn't be boring ?!. Of course it will be boring as accessories help the space to be more warm and welcoming.
  • Accessories considered a good way to tell a story about the people who live in the space. You can have many items that are really personal and remind us of the events that made up our lives such as items you collected through your travels , a photo of your wedding or your baby or some ventures from your vacations.
  • Now let's dive into the 7 rules that can help you accessorizing your rooms in a prefect way.

1.Decorate Your Items In Groups That Share Something In Common 
  • That similar thing can be a color scheme they share , common theme like plants or common purpose like some pins on a board. 
  • These items share sort of similarity look more cohesive instead of some random individual groupings of items.

2.Use Odd Numbers In Your Grouping 
  • If you go with items in a group that will be ideal. Always put the tallest item in the back. Also consider layering your items well to add more interest.
  • For example putting small item that is short for display on a stack of books so that it can look more interesting.
3.Use Items That Are Different In The Scale 
  • Vary the height and the scale of your items that can be more interesting to see. You can put items from front to back which means layering smaller objects in front of larger objects.
4.Use Books Always 
  • Books are one of the most important objects to accessorize with and also can be used nearly on any surface. You can put Books on the shelves , coffee table , console table or in baskets.
  • Books allow you to add more color and height to your display items. When you group books it is best to group by color or subject such as art , science , design or what interest you.
5.Pick Some Accessories That Reflect Your Accent Color 
  • It is very important to repeat the colors through your room using accessories which make the items look more cohesive.
  • If you can repeat the colors involved in your room 2-3 times that will be ideal.

6.Include Something Belongs To Nature 
  • Always use items of nature like flowers , plants , rock or sea shells as these items add warmth and texture to your space.
  • Also consider to use items that are different in texture or the finish. For example use matt , polished and rough items in the same grouping that variety gives your grouping a more interesting look.
7.When In Doubt, Use Formal Symmetry 
  • Formal symmetry is a good way to accessorize and position your items. Using the same item on both sides in a mirrored manner sounds more safe for people who may face some difficulty in accessorizing.
  • Formal symmetry can be for example putting 2 same plants on either sides of a sofa or the same table lamp on both sides of a console table. Formal symmetry makes grouping items pulled together with more balance.

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