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7 Rules For Hanging Your Artwork The Right Way

Interior Decoration Tips
7 Rules For Hanging Your Artwork The Right Way

1.Match The Shape Of The Artwork To The Shape Of The Wall Space:

  • Determine the shape of the wall you want to decorate with a piece of artwork then put the right artwork to fit the space.
  • It can be in a portrait rectangle orientation or a landscape orientation. 

2.Hang The Artwork So That The Vertical Center Is About The Eye Level [60-66] Inches From The Finished Floor:

  • Ceiling heights are different from a home to another . also not all artwork is the same size.
  • A piece of furniture like a sofa or a console table could result in hanging the artwork a bit higher.

3.Hanging a Multiple Pieces of Artwork So That The Mid-point Is Also About The Eye Level [60-66] Inches From The Finished Floor:

  • It is all about the bigger one that determine the vertical eye level for the whole pieces and that could let some pieces lower or higher than that level.

4.Hang Pieces Of Artwork Leaving a Space Of 2-3 Inches Apart From Each Other:

  • Put the pieces together leaving 2-3 inches apart from each other and don't go more than 5 inches as it will feel disconnected.

5.Make Sure That The Whole Pieces Of Artwork Has something In Common:

  • That can be a color frame for every piece of artwork or the same type of artwork such as black and white photography or abstract painting.

6.Artwork Looks Ideal When It Is 2/3 Length Of Item Below It :

  • Artwork pieces will look ideal when it is 2/3 length of the furniture piece beneath it such as a sofa or a bed and that help alot to achieve some sort of balance.

7.Hang Your Artwork 6-10 Inches Over Furniture Piece :

  • It Is recommended to hang your artwork 6-10 inches above the furniture piece as they will feel connected with item below.
What To Do When Some Rules Get Into a Conflict ?! :
  • For example if you hang a small piece of artwork over a nightstand that piece center won't be on the eye level so what to do then?!
  • Well , to solve that you can put another piece over it so that it could create more feeling of height together or even you can replace that small one with a taller piece that fits the space.

When To Leave The Wall Bare ?!
  • We do so when it is required to have a negative space in the room especially in style like contemporary or minimalist.
  • You leave a wall or a corner of the room literally empty of any artwork and the goal is to create some breathing space and that could help alot to distinguish the space focal points. 
  • That focal point could be a unique piece of pendant light fixture and not putting any distraction items on the wall will keep all attention on this fixture.
  • It could be also an amazing natural view behind the window , a fabulous wood panels of fine wood , a beautiful wallpaper , brick , stone tile or panel molding.

5 Tips For Hanging Multiople Pieces Of Pieces :

1. Lay out pieces on the ground.
  • It allows you to move pieces around till you find the best arrangement without damaging the wall with so many trials to hang them the right arrangement.

2. Put the largest piece near the middle to balance the other pieces around it .
3. Take a picture of that arrangement with your phone before starting to hanging the collection.
4. Center the middle piece on the wall first and then put the other pieces around.  
5. Bottom line of the whole pieces of artwork follows rails while hanging along a staircase.  
The Rule Of 2/3 For Hanging :
  • That rule is applied when we are hanging the artwork over a piece of furniture such as sofa , nightstand , dresser or console table.
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