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Top 5 Common Mistakes in Home Decoration Design

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              Top 5 Common Mistakes in Home Decoration Design

1.Hanging Your Curtain Too Short

  • A lot of people make a big mistake while hanging their curtains at home. Hanging your curtain has such an effect on your feeling using your own space. Many people hang their curtains close to the window not to the ceiling. 
  • Not high enough curtains could give you a feeling that your room is much smaller than it really is. 
  • Instead of that you should hang your curtain up to the ceiling leaving very few inches from the ceiling of your room 3-5 inches maximum will be quite good.
  • The images below show the right position to your room’s curtain.  
2.Choosing The Wrong Rug Size

  • The size of your rug has a big factor towards recognizing your space whether make it feel tight or make it sounds larger.
  • Many people put the rug just under the sofa center table neglecting the space under the sofa or the chair.
  • Instead make sure that your rugs go at least halfway under the furniture so that it can define your space where you do your activity
  • The images below show the right position and size of your rugs.
3.Hanging Your Art Too Low

  •  The third mistake which is very common is to hang your art pieces or paintings too high to be well-recognized on the eye level.
  • The best way to make it is to make sure the center of the art is about the eye level which is around 55-60 inches tall.
  • Make sure when you hang art above furniture it should be about two thirds the width of the furniture.
  • Also you should put the art piece about 4-6 inches above the furniture. 
  • The image below show the right position or height of your art.
4.Choosing The Wrong Color Scheme:

* There are 3 color schemes that you can use in your home decor : 

1. Monochromatic :

  • This is when you use only one color from the color wheel.
  • You can use shades of the color [ lighter or darker ] and mix it with a neutral color like black , white , grey or brown.
  • Image below show that we used shades blue of with neutral colors.
2. Analogous :
  • This is when you use two or three colors that are next to each other in the color wheel.
  • The image below show that we use two adjacent colors on the color wheel.
3. Complementary :
  • This is when you use two colors that are opposite each other in the color wheel. 
  • Use lighter or darker shades of each color.
  • The image below show that we use two opposite colors on the color wheel.
5.Neglect Measuring Before Purchase:

  • Many people commit big mistake when it comes to furniture picking and a lot of people sometimes tend to choose a dream sofa set or something else forgetting if there spaces really fit with what they aspire.
  • The wrong furniture pick could be that the items is whether too big for a space or even too small.
  • Instead Make Sure your furniture is proportional to your space and the best way to do that is by measuring.
  • The image below shows a reasonable furniture that fits the space.
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