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Industerial Interior Design Style

Interior Decoration Tips
Industerial Interior Design Style

  • The industerial style is a very cool and popular design style that was originated out of necessity. And it is best suited for large home plans with very high ceiling. Industerial style celebrate the materials that make up the skeleton of our homes and seek to show them rather than conceal them. 

  • It can be used in one space only at home and it van work properly with other styles. Steel really celebrate in this style and very widely used .

Characteristics Of Industerial Style:

  • The use of industerial metal in a widely manner especially metal pipes in places like bookcases [which is always open] , frames , table bases or on light fixtures.
  • Common materials used for this style furniture is metal and wood ; metal could be in different sorts like stainless steel , aluminum , copper and colored metal.
  • Tolix metal chair is a classic symbol of this style.
  • Concrete tables such as dinning table , side tables and coffee tables.
  • Sofas that work well in this style are classic contemporary sofa or metal frame sofa with leather cushions.
  • Other materials you could incorporate in this style include concrete , brick , glass , leather and linen.



  • Neutral color scheme rules in industerial interior style.
  • Many shades of grey and browns are seen and also plenty of balck and white. 
  • Just pick only one main color and the rest are neutral colors.

No pattern are commonly used in this style.


  • Types of flooring are polished concrete , stone or rough looking wood.
  • Using rugs isn't a good idea in this style because it wouldn't work at all.
  • Rugs isn't preferred but if it is a must add very simple neutral colored rugs like grey.


  • The bulb is what provide the light source so it is common to show it off.
  • Open Steel cages are used to let the light fixture bulbs be fully exposed.
  • Types of light fixtures floor lamps , table lamps and oversized pendants.
  • Track spot lighting can also be used in this style. 


  • Abstract artwork  or black and white photography.
  • Think outside the box items such as  old railroad signs and vintage industerial elements like gears are often hung on the walls.


  • Use plants to soften the overall look such as yucca fiddle leaf fig or cactus.

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