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Bohemian Interior Design Style

Interior Decoration Tips
Bohemian Interior Design Style 

  • Bohemian interior style originated in the 1800 in a historical rigion called "Bohemia" in Czech Republic. It is called also Boho style. It very easily recognizable interior style because it has such a distinguishing characteristics. Boho style is loud , bright , busy and overall very chic style. It is all about patterns in the boho style.

Characteristics Of Bohemian Style:

  • Mixing bright and bold patterns.
  • Using laterns so often.
  • Plants exist almost everywhere.

Furniture Style:
  • Sofas with most beautiful patterns.
  • Hammock chair exist so often ( iconic peace of this style ).

  • Lots of wood used in boho style.
  • Use natural materials like burlap , leather with finer materials like silk and velvet.
  • Blending sheepskins and other popular animal skins are also quite commonly used materials in boho style.
  • Be sure to mix your textures in this style like use a silk pillow on a leather sofa.

  • Any colors go in this style but it is all about mixing them.
  • A monochromatic scheme never exist in a bohemian style and it is no sense to try it.
  • Lots of patterns used in this style like : floral , stripes , tripal , zebra and so on.

  • Have as much accessories as you can because it makes the home looks like a home of a man of travel habit .
  • You can have colored glass , sculptures , handmade items , vintage maps , stacks of books and any breathtaking collection.


  • Any wallpaper should be in a bright color such as blue or red or pink and overall must have a pattern.

Rugs & Pillows:
  • You couldn't have too many pillows or rugs in this style as it will sound so cluttering and confusing to bear.
  • You can use any rug in boho style like persian rugs , geometric printed rugs , floral rugs or any patterned rugs.

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