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7 Interior Plants For a Better Home Decor

Interior Decoration Tips
                7 Interior Plants For a Better Home Decor 

  • Plants is a very important element in interior design spaces and it is used with wide range of sizes and shapes. It is a perfect way to bring in the outside nature to your interior spaces.
  • Choosing the right plants to put is all about the type of light you have in your spaces hence you pick and choose your proper interior plants accordingly. Some plants can be versatile and can survive any type of light from low to bright light while others are light sensitive and need bright light to strive and grow.
  • Plants is used also for some functional purposes indoors to divide and separate different interior spaces. In the following we will mention the 7 best interior plants to use in your interior space for a better home decor.
    1.Snake Plant:

    • It can survive any type of light including low light.
    • Ideal for busy people who don't have much time to take care of plants.
    • Super air purifying plant that remove toxins from the air such as xylene , formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides.

    2.Spider Plant:

    • It prefers bright and indirect lighting. Spider plants don't bear direct sunlight which can burn them.
    • The spider plant is very easy to grow in a wide range of circumstances.
    • It looks stunning when it is used as a hanging plant because it is very beautiful in shape and suit perfectly in boho style.

    3.Aloe Vera:

    • It grows in bright indirect sunlight or even artificial light .
    • Aloe vera needs water from 1-3 weeks.
    • It is very attractive in the interior spaces and its tolerance of water and hardiness makes it a perfect choice.
    • It is well-known for its health benefits and also a cool looking plant.
    • Perfect to be used a mid-century modern style , scandinavian , contemporary or a minimalist interior style. 

    4.Fiddle-leaf Fig:

    • It needs a bit more bright light and indirect sunlight.
    • Fiddle-leaf fig can survive without water for about 2-3 weeks.
    • It is an artistic looking plant thanks to its violin-shaped leaves and fabulous for interior decor and grows as a tall plant.
    • It could match in awesome way with many interior styles like scandinavian , contemporary and minimalist .
    • It pop up perfectly in places that are dead spaces giving it  a very cool look and also sounds perfect with double height spaces using tallest plants.

    5.Peace Lily:

    • It needs little amounts of sunlight to grow.
    • Water isn't a big issue for peace lily to survive as it needn't large amount of water.
    • It is very popular to use in homes and one of the easiest to take care of .
    • It is very excellent at cleaning and purifying the air of the room.
    • It is versatile and comes in a different sixes and it can reach one meter height.
    • Perfect for almost all interior design styles.


    • It requires bright indirect light and it is better to be near windows.
    • No direct sunlight needed as it will get burn and die.
    • It needs water once a week.
    • It is an iconic plant especially the leaves which is so pretty in indoor spaces.
    • It can grow easily and live for many years without huge care. It also suits many various interior design styles.
    • Monstera is  a piece of artwork itself as it gives a fresh atmosphere to your interior spaces. It is common seen in restaurants , cafes , hotel lobbies , commercial buildings and offices.

    7.Golden Pothos/ Money Plant:

    • It grows in indirect light and also low light.
    • It needs water almost every two weeks.
    • It is one of the easiest plants to grow and good fit for busy people .
    • Its heart-shape and green leaves add elegance to a room. It is a good choice for spaces such as offices and residential spaces.
    • It is a very spectacular to be used as a hanging plant which can suit with different interior design styles.

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